Discover Compact Efficiency: The ND12-2-30.4B 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle

The ND12-2-30.4B 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle offers unmatched efficiency and compact design, perfect for enhancing lightweight electric vehicles. With over 80% efficiency and a quiet operation, it’s ideal for personal mobility aids and small utility carts, ensuring reliable performance in tight spaces.


In the evolving world of electric mobility, the demand for smaller, more efficient power solutions is rapidly increasing. The ND12-2-30.4B 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle represents a breakthrough in compact and efficient design, tailored for applications where space is at a premium and energy efficiency is paramount.

Product Overview

The ND12-2-30.4B is an innovative electric transaxle featuring a 150W permanent magnet brush motor, designed specifically for lightweight and portable electric vehicles. This transaxle combines the efficiency of a permanent magnet motor with the reliability and quiet operation of a brush system, making it ideal for personal mobility aids, lightweight utility carts, and other similar applications.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Brush
Power Output 150W
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 5 km/h
Torque 10 Nm
Efficiency High efficiency over 80%
Weight 10 kg (22 lbs)
Dimensions 380mm x 150mm x 170mm
Application Suitability Personal mobility aids, small utility carts

Key Advantages

  • Optimal Efficiency: Achieves over 80% efficiency, ensuring minimal energy waste and extended battery life.
  • Compact Size: Its small dimensions allow for integration in applications where space is limited.
  • Low Noise Operation: The brush motor technology ensures that operations are not only efficient but also exceptionally quiet.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 10 kg, it is easy to handle and install, reducing overall vehicle weight.

Design and Performance Superiority

The ND12-2-30.4B transaxle is not only powerful and efficient; it's also built with durability in mind. The motor’s design minimizes wear and extends the lifespan of the unit, while its compact build allows it to perform in tight spaces without compromising power. The integration of advanced cooling systems ensures that the transaxle maintains optimal performance levels even under strenuous use.


This transaxle is ideally suited for:

  • Personal Mobility Aids: Enhancing the autonomy and mobility of users with a dependable and efficient drive system.
  • Lightweight Utility Carts: Providing adequate power for small-scale material handling and transportation tasks in confined spaces.

While the ND12-2-30.4B 150W offers significant advantages for its designated applications, it may not be suitable for heavier-duty tasks or vehicles that require higher power outputs. However, for lightweight and compact electric vehicles, it provides an excellent balance of efficiency, performance, and size.

By incorporating this advanced transaxle into your electric vehicle designs, you can ensure not only enhanced performance but also greater satisfaction in operation and functionality, meeting the demands of modern electric mobility with ease.


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