They made your life beautiful. It is that time of the year when you make them realize it and show how much they mean to you.
Valentine’s Day holds special importance for young lovers who want a special day to show their loved ones just how they love them, appreciate them, and are grateful for their presence in their lives. This is the day to bury hatchets, forget distances, and get together in love, happiness, and joy.


The credits for Valentine’s Day, as we all know, go to St. Valentine, a celebrated bishop, who supported the soldiers’ desire to marry their lovers. St. Valentine was completely against the emperor Claudius II’s decision that soldiers should not get married. The ruler believed that unmarried soldiers were much braver and stronger than married men because marital ties and love for another person made them weak. Entering the battlefield, the emperor believed, married men would be afraid of what might happen to their families if they died. This debilitated them and they would not fight to their capacity. However, many disagreed with this thought process (including St. Valentine), even though no one had the courage to speak up against the monarch.
St. Valentine proved to be bolder than the others and he decided to start conducting secret marriages so that even soldiers would bind to their loved ones in holy matrimony. Every soldier who wished to get married would visit the bishop. The bishop would then decide on a place and time, and would conduct the wedding in secret. This continued for quite a while but unfortunately, the bishop was caught and imprisoned. After a brief stint in the prison, which included healing the jailer’s blind daughter (even though many consider this to be a myth) and the emperor’s desperate attempts to change the bishop’s beliefs and to convert him to Roman Gods, St. Valentine was executed. The day of execution was 14 February and since then, people marked it as the day of ‘love’.
14 February is, thus, the day for you to stop thinking about everything else and to turn your focus on your better half. You are busy all year long with your work and other headaches. Don’t you think your partner deserves just one day of the year? Sure he/she does! Rekindle romance and love, and make him/her feel special like never before. St. Valentine has given all of us a reason in the form of an entire day to celebrate love and romance. Rejoice with chocolates, flowers, cakes, and other gifts – speak the language of affection on this day with delicious cakes, beautiful flowers, and romantic chocolates because these say I Love You like none others.

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On this day, love prevails.