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Top 10 ideas to get best tantric massage in London

What is Best Tantric massage in London ?

Tantra dates back over 4000 years and is rooted in India where it has been practised as a spiritual path to expanding human consciousness and healing body, heart and Spirit. Tantric massage London has often been misunderstood in the West. Some common speculations are that it is acrobatic lovemaking positions and techniques as outlined in the ‘Kama Sutra’ manual or it’s a free-love cult or a New Age spiritual sex therapy from California. It is not a religion or a doctrine but an approach to life that celebrates our sexuality not just for the act of sex, but embraces it as the essential creative life force that is moving through us all the time. It’s about living in wholeness, vitality and harmony with ourselves, humanity, nature and our environment

Literally translated from Sanskrit, ‘Tantra’ means

‘The weaving and expansion of energy’.
A pathway to living with heart, sex, and spirit interconnected. In the West we often experience our heart, sex and spirit as separate from each other. Imperial massage London  invites us to reunite them, to fully live in the sensual body, to embrace our vitality and passion, to learn compassion towards ourselves and others and honour the divine grace that flows through all of us. It invites us to trust our heart’s wisdom, to live in our authenticity in every moment and to literally embody our spiritual truth.

What is Heart-Tantra ?

HEART-TANTRA offers the transformation of fear into love

It’s a grounded approach to living in our essential nature, rooted in the body. It honours our personal truth and holds sexual loving within a sacred context and heart connectedness.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough”
quote by Eckhart Tolle

At the core of us all is a longing to truly love and be loved.
Because LOVE is our essential nature.

Yet often we forget this simple truth. We grew up with conditionings and beliefs about who or how we ‘should’ be, with fear making our choices and shame holding us down. When love (rather than fear) is the guiding light in our lives, life changes in a profound way. We cease existing as victims of our own internal negative self-judgment and self rejections. It reminds us that we can choose in each moment how to be, both with ourselves and others, and it supports the process of healing from past experiences when we may not have been able to make choices.

Truly loving ourselves (not our egos) is the essential foundation for being able to truly love others and coming home to our divine essence.
If the love and acceptance we receive from another is an affirmation of the love and acceptance we ALREADY experience in our essential self, the ways in which we are able to share intimacy (into-me-see), vulnerability, heart and sexuality transforms into a divine celebration of abundant LOVE. It becomes like two full cups meeting and dancing in the overspill, rather than two half filled cups meeting and endlessly trying to fill each other up, in vain.

We are only able to truly love and accept another to the degree that we can truly love and accept ourselves, both in our ‘dark’ and our ‘light’ aspects.
We often look to others to get love and acceptance, hoping they will love and accept us even though we don’t truly love or accept ourselves. We become dependent on their love in order to feel that we’re OK. Feeling constantly at their mercy for this love and living in fear that one day their love will stop flowing and that we’ll once again be back in the self-inflicted belief that we’re somehow not OK or worthy of love because we have become disconnected from our OWN love.

The journey begins with our bodies as a container for our experience.

In Tantra the body is honoured as sacred ground that is the temple of our spirit. Through the vehicle of our bodies we can meet the divine in ourselves and others. Our bodies and our breath are always in the present moment even though our mind may try to take us to thoughts of the past, the future or to our fears. The body holds all of our experiences on a deep cellular level. When we land in our bodies on every level and allow our energy to flow freely through it in the present moment, we release what is held and deep healing happens without our minds needing to understand. We feel our vitality and connection to the source again and return to breathing within love.


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