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Terms and Conditions

LDS GIFT IDEAS ’ is a trading name of The Original Stag Company Ltd. LDS GIFT IDEAS acts as a booking agent for preferred activity and experience providers, who feature their products on www.ldsgiftideas.com .

1. Booking an LDS GIFT IDEAS

LDS GIFT IDEAS is a sales agent. Once a voucher has been purchased for a specific activity or experience, you will be contracted directly with the experience provider, whose terms and conditions take primacy over LDS GIFT IDEAS terms and Conditions for conduct of the booked activity. LDS GIFT IDEAS does not accept any liability whatsoever for conducting the activity, which is the experience providers total responsibility. Once a voucher has been purchased this does not represent any confirmation of a specific date and the voucher recipient is free to book their preferred date direct with the activity provider, (within the validated period stated on the voucher and dependant on availability).

2. Validity of voucher

Each gift voucher will be valid for a certain amount of time from the date of issue. This will be clearly shown on the voucher. The voucher will be deemed invalid if it is out of date. The voucher recipient will be unable to complete the experience unless they are in possession of a valid voucher. If the voucher recipient is unable to redeem their voucher before the expiry date, then they will need to contact LDS GIFT IDEAS to extend the validation period. Vouchers can only be extended if they are still within their expiry period. There will be a £20 revalidation administration charge. In addition if the activity price has increased, this additional sum will also need to be paid. Should your activity provider have extended your LDS GIFT IDEAS Gift Voucher direct with you, then you are responsible for paying the experience providers additional fees, direct to the provider as applicable. Once a voucher has been extended it cannot be exchanged or refunded.

3. Prices

Prices shown are correct at time of going to the press and frequently updated. If in the unlikely event you have bought an activity against an incorrect price, we will inform the purchaser within seven days. In such a case we will allow the purchaser to either cancel the booking or pay the difference in price. All prices include VAT. Vouchers will not be issued until full payment has been received.

4. Availability

All experiences are subject to availability and can be conducted on different dates throughout the validation period of the voucher. Our vouchers are valid for a specific period from 6 to 10 months, dependent upon the activity or experience. In order to get your preferred date we recommend that you book in at least 21 days in advance and further for peak dates such as weekends or holiday periods. Because of seasonal activities or weather effects, some experience providers require you to contact them up to 60 days prior to the expiry date annotated on the voucher. You should not make any travel or hotel arrangements in connection with your booking until the booking has been confirmed by the provider. Locations for an event may be subject to change as we continually update our database of venues for our activities.

5. Safety

Due to the nature of some of the experiences they may involve some personal risk. Some activities may require you to sign a disclaimer so please carefully read these conditions and limitations. Please make sure that your personal insurance covers you for the activity you will be participating in. We highly recommend you check with your operator in advance. Please make sure that when you are given your safety briefing on the day, you listen carefully and follow their instructions.

6. Pictures and descriptions

We have made every effort to ensure that the descriptions and pictures used on our website are accurate. However, photographs are intended to give a general idea of the activity described and do not form part of any contract between you and LDS GIFT IDEAS.

7. Weather

In the event of weather not permitting the activity to be held on the booked date, the client will be able to re-schedule the activity to a mutually convenient client date; however your rebooked experience remains subject to weather conditions. LDS GIFT IDEAS is not liable for any compensation as a result of cancelled experiences due to weather. LDS GIFT IDEAS is unable to reimburse or compensate any monies for travel, accommodation arrangements or incidental expenses made for the experience.

8. Event Restrictions

Some of our experiences are subject to restrictions which may include age, health, weight and height. This information can be found on our website so please make sure that the recipient of the vouchers conforms to these restrictions. This is your responsibility and once booked you may be liable for cancellation charges if the minimum requirements are not met. We are not responsible for any unsuitable vouchers being purchased and these restrictions being breached.

9. Refunds and Cancellations

If you are not happy with the experience gift voucher you have purchased from LDS GIFT IDEAS , you may return it to us within 7 working days from date of order for a full refund. Refunds will only be given on unbooked experiences. After this date and within 28 days, all refunds will incur a minimum £20 or 10% administration fee.

After this 28 working day period, vouchers are non-refundable but are eligible for exchange under the exchange terms and conditions.

Once you have contacted the operator and confirmed your date you are bound by their terms and conditions. If you need to cancel or change the event date with the activity provider you may incur extra charges.

All of our experiences are subject to availability and sometimes your event may need to be cancelled due to reasons beyond our control.

Refunds are always made by cheque made payable to the purchaser and sent to the billing address.

9a. Voucher: exchange

If an activity has not been booked with the operator, and upon receipt of the original voucher and an administration fee of £10.00; the customer or the recipient may exchange the voucher for another voucher representing for any other activity of the same value, in the brochure or if the activity is of a higher value then the difference must be paid.

If the activity is of a lower value, the balance will be held in credit for you to use against any future purchases valid until the voucher expiry.

Please note that where a credit balance is held we will not refund any money.

We are unable to exchange any tangible goods supplied by third party suppliers such as wine cases, wine gift packs, hampers or flowers.

10. Suppliers

The suppliers providing the activities featured are neither employed by nor acting as agents for LDS GIFT IDEAS. LDS GIFT IDEAS cannot accept liability for any act or omission or negligence of a supplier. LDS GIFT IDEAS is not liable for any loss, damage, injury suffered by our voucher clients whilst participating in the activity they booked through us. All matters affecting the delivery of the booked experience or activity are the sole responsibility of the experience provider. LDS GIFT IDEAS  liability is limited only to the price paid for the experience voucher.

11. Corporate Events

Corporate events enquiries and sales will be dealt with on an individual basis for each event. Direct liaison between LDS GIFT IDEAS and the Organisation concerned will agree all prices, terms and conditions separately for each event.

12. Delivery

LDS GIFT IDEAS gift packs are dispatched in plain packaging. Packs are normally sent First Class Royal Mail (you may request Special Delivery for an additional charge). We cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of mail being delayed. The gift voucher is invalid if the voucher has been defaced or tampered with.

13. Session Lengths

Duration of an activity is approximate and given as an indication of time required on the day to be spent at the venue. Most events will be open to other voucher holders and also the public. You may be required to take your turn with other members of the public. There may be waiting time involved and the running itinerary for an event may change slightly.

14. Choice Vouchers

The range of activities available for the different choice vouchers may change throughout the year.

15. Feedback

LDS GIFT IDEAS welcomes customer feedback on all of our offered experiences. Please contact us on areyouranking@gmail.com and let us know about your experience!

In the unlikely event of you having a problem on the day please bring it to the attention of the activity supplier or venue manager at the location on the day. This ensures that prompt action can be taken to rectify any arising issues at the time. If you are still not satisfied, please send in writing, details of your issues, with information about your reference number and who you spoke to yon the day. LDS GIFT IDEAS will not be held responsible for complaints which were not addressed on the day and brought to the attention of our customer service team more than 7 days after the incident occurring.