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Submission Terms & Conditions

ldsgiftideas.com is a human edited directory to Gift Ideas on the web. Our editors have spent years fiding quality web sites related to the Gift industry and added the URLs to the directory as they’ve come across them. If you would like your URL included, you have three options. You can wait and see if we finds your link and adds it naturally, provide a return link back to our site as an exchange, or you can submit your URL along with the nominal submission review fee.

** Payment of the non-refundable submission review fee does not guarantee inclusion. It simply guarantees consideration of inclusion.**

In order to expedite the review of your submission, please read and follow the submission guidelines listed below:

  • Choose a Category: A common reason many submissions are delayed is because they are submitted to the wrong category. Start at the top level category, and work your way down to the most relevant category. Before you submit, take a look at some of the other Gift Ideas listed in that category. Are they similar to your Idea/Product? If not, you may be in the wrong category.
  • Websites vs. Web Pages: In most instances we will simply list a website and the root URL. However, if you have internal pages on your site that are extremely relevant to more than one category, you may submit those as well for consideration.
  • Unique Content: In order for a submission to be eligible for listing, it must contain mostly unique content.

Submissions that are not related to the Gift Ideas industry will be rejected immediately without a refund.

Other sites not eligible for listing: We do not accept sites that consist primarily of paid search or affiliate links, nor do we accept mirror sites, doorway pages, under construction pages, or URLs that re-direct to another site. We do not accept sites that include any kind of adult/pornographic, illegal or inappropriate content. Do not submit sites which are still under construction. Do not submit mirror sites that are on separate domains. Do not submit sites which contain illegal or possibly illegal images. Do not submit sites which promote illegal activity.

Title: Once you’ve determined that your Gift Idea / Product  is eligible, find the most relevant category and click on Submit Link. You will be asked to enter a title for your website or web page. You should list the title the way a user of your website would refer to it. The title must be the name of the company or the name of the site. It must also be between 5 and 75 characters long.